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A variety of subjects will be covered by the camp instructors. The curriculum assumes no prior knowledge or experience with the Hawaiian Steel Guitar. The following are among the topics that will be covered at the camp.

  • Steel guitar basics
    Mechanics and design of the guitar, materials used and how it affects the guitar’s sound, string spacing, number of frets, types of steel guitars – lap, console, pedal, acoustic
  • Intermediate topics
    Vamps and fills, tablature and music notation
  • Advanced topics
    Guitar tone and hand position, muting techniques, playing harmonics, tunings and when to use them, what sets the Hawaiian style apart from other steel guitar styles, playing in the "Nahenahe" (sweet) style
  • Steel guitar fills and "pa'ani" (solo) improvising

The "Learning by doing" method will be used to quickly bring camp participants up to playing comfort while using what they have learned at the camp. A Hawaiian song featuring the Hawaiian Steel Guitar will be given to camp participants as a class project to learn and play. Camp instructors will spend time with each camp participant to ensure their success.

The 2016 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp Course Outline